Extreme Cold Weather Will Continue to Plague Much of the US

Extreme Cold Weather Will Continue to Plague Much of the US

Even though millions of Americans are hoping for a break from the extreme cold weather that’s plagued much of the country, the National Weather Service says that the cold air will be sticking around for a while. In fact, record-breaking cold temperatures will affect those living in the Plains, Upper Midwest and Great Lakes this week. This latest round of frigid air is fresh off the heels of an arctic blast that brought the coldest temperatures experienced in decades for many areas of the country.

This latest blast of arctic air moved southward into the Midwest and Plains on Sunday. Wind chills were around -40 in parts of North Dakota and Minnesota Sunday morning. The actual temperature was an extreme -32 in Bottineau, ND Sunday morning, making that the coldest temperature in the Lower 48 states. By Monday morning, subzero temperatures reached as far south as Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Lows around -30 were recorded in several areas in Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan while temperatures never got out of the teens and 20s below zero throughout those three states. Daily low temperature records were shattered Monday morning in several Midwest cities including Cleveland OH, Flint MI, Erie PA and Grand Rapids MI. In Michigan, actual temperatures dipped to -10 in Saginaw, Bay City and Midland, breaking the area’s record of -2. Meanwhile, the Great Lakes are freezing over just like Niagara Falls. Lake Erie is nearly completely frozen while Lakes Huron and Superior are about 80 percent frozen over.

The forecast for the rest of the week is no better as the National Weather Service says that it will remain bitterly cold across the Plains, Upper Midwest and Great Lakes throughout this week. Lows will dip below zero in many places with highs barely only reaching the double digits in many places such as Minneapolis, MN, Marquette, MI, Cleveland OH and further east in Syracuse NY.

By Friday, temperatures will remain far below average across the Midwest and Northeast with record lows likely once again. There is some good news coming out of the National Weather Service though as experts at that agency say temperatures will likely moderate by Sunday and Monday, even though the warmer air is going to be followed by yet another winter storm.

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