How to Prepare Your Office and Make It Safe for COVID-19

How to Prepare Your Office and Make It Safe for COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic started in Hubei Province, China and now it has spread to other countries. The epidemic has affected businesses as governments issue decree for stores to close down. If you are one of the office buildings that is not close down, you have to make some preparations to ensure that it is safe for your employees. The following are 5 tips on how to prepare your office for COVID-19.

1. Develop a Preparedness Plan

Employers should develop a plan that includes details on the room where employees who are ill with COVID-19 symptoms will be placed. Doing so will limit the number of people that will be exposed to the virus. Employers can promote regular teleworking to allow the employees to stay safe while the business continues operation. In addition, the plan will address how the business is to continue if a large number of employees are not able to come to the office. Businesses that don’t have in house health staff should partner with the local health providers.

2. Develop Policies for Identifying Sick People

Employers can develop policies that set down a list of criteria for identifying people who are at risk, for example, people who recently travel, and those who suffer from serious illnesses such as diabetes, and heart disease. Promptly identifying people with ill symptoms and isolating them can protect other workers and customers in your office building. Employers are to encourage employees to monitor themselves for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. They should also develop policies and procedures on how to report sick employees that are demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19.

3. Put Posters on Personal Hygiene

In the workplace, employers must stick posters that encourage personal hygiene. The posters are to promote frequent hand washing and respiratory etiquette. In line with the posters, hand soap and alcohol based hand rubs should be provided. Workers who are sick should be encouraged to stay at home. Respiratory etiquette include covering your mouth when you are coughing and sneezing. Tissues for cleaning surfaces and trash receptacles are to be provided.

4. Encourage Social Distancing
Employers should set up social distancing strategies to increase physical distance in between employees. For example, they can set up telecommuting to prevent face to face meetings. Workers are discouraged from sharing phones, desk, tools and equipment of other workers.

5. Maintain Housekeeping Routine
The workplace has to maintain regular housekeeping routines and make sure all surfaces, and equipment are cleaned and disinfected for the safety of the employees. Employers should refer to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when deciding which cleaning chemical to use. When using the cleaning chemical, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You may also consider hiring specialized companies that cleanup and disinfect your property from the coronavirus. They can help to use special equipment, disinfection materials and techniques for properly cleaning up a property from Covid-19.