Record Rainfall Leads To Severe Flooding In Detroit Michigan Area

Record Rainfall Leads To Severe Flooding In Detroit Michigan Area

Detroit, MI has seen it’s worst flooding and wettest day in 89 years. The record rains have claimed at least two life’s. The first victim was from Warren, Mi, Just outside of Detroit, she was a 100 year old woman found by her daughter in the basement of the home. The second victim died after suffering several seizures while trapped in her flooded vehicle near Van Dyke and old 13 Mile Road. Over 1000 vehicles had been abandoned on flooded streets and roads in the suburb of Detroit. The torrential rains caused authorities to have to perform dozens of high water rescues and evacuations for stranded motorists to get them to higher ground.

The torrential rains began to fall Monday, with some additional rains falling on Tuesday merely adding to the deluge. Businesses across the city remain closed today due to flooded highways and side streets, and mud caked roads all littered with thousands of stranded and broken down cars. Particularly hard hit by the flood waters is Detroit’s burgeoning auto manufacturing industry. Adding to the problem of the 6 inches of rain that fell on Monday alone, the cities sewer systems were so overwhelmed it added to the widespread flooding.

While much of the flood waters started to recede as of Tuesday according to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, many of the roads in the area still remained still flooded according to the state police, with at least five major freeways remaining closed as of late Tuesday. State police urge caution, saying some roads may remain closed for days, and advise motorists to not attempt to navigate flooded roads. Several motorists who lost their vehicles on flooded roads reported “Having to swim to safety”. Several die hard motorists elected to stay camped out in their stuck vechiles adding to the choas.

Several Detroit area freeways slowly opened back up Wednesday, with the Interstate 75 between I-696 and Eight Mile Road now open for traffic in both directions. Crews have worked around the clock for the last 2 days clearing long strechs of roads, freeways and highways of abandonded vechiles, mud and other debris, as well as using portable pumps to pump water away from flooded roads in the area. Another factor that slowed the reopening of many major was roads, was the requirement for engineers to inspect all affected roads for safety prior to reopening. Each flooded road, street, highway and freeway needs to be cleaned and inspected before reopening to the public.

A major factor of the local flooding in Detroit has been the prolific theft of copper from various pumping stations throughout the city. Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman Diane Cross claims that there is an active investigation to find out exactly what went terribly wrong with Detroit’s roads and pumping stations. Aging infrastructure, over whelmed generators, pump failures have all contributed to the dire flooding the city saw Monday.

Property damage from the storm is extremely high, with thousands of local area basements flooded with 6 feet plus of water. It is not only metro Detroit suffering from massive property damage, but also the suburbs of Berkley, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Ferndale, Hamtramck, Highland Park,Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and Rosedale. On top of the massive property damage at least 17,000 home owners were without power in the area, with Dearborn being the most hard hit with power outages.

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