Record Snowfall Continues To Arrive In The Buffalo New York Region

Record Snowfall Continues To Arrive In The Buffalo New York Region

Only two days after an enormous amount of snow was dumped on the Buffalo area – over 60 inches to be exact – residents are being told that another two to three feet of snow could be on its way. A meteorologist with says that about 2 more feet of snow can be expected in the Lake Erie snowbelts through Friday. Fortunately for the residents of Buffalo, the heaviest snow with this system will fall to the south of the areas that were hit the hardest.

Buffalo wasn’t the only area that received snow though, as northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan also experienced some accumulation. Those areas received a much welcomed break in the snow on Wednesday, but unfortunately the lake-effect event ramped up and will be in full-force on Thursday.

According to local authorities, at least eight people have died due to this extensive snow storm. The Governor of New York declared a state of emergency in 10 counties, including Erie County which was most impacted by the lake-effect snowstorm. This declaration caused the mobilization of about 1,000 transportation personnel, 526 snow plows, 74 large loaders, and about 21 snow blowers. This declaration also called in about 150 National Guardsmen into the Buffalo area to begin assisting with the recovery efforts.

The Governor of Connecticut also reported that he wants to help Buffalo in their recovery efforts and sent out three jumbo snow blowers, three plow trucks, and 22 employees. The plow crews have been experiencing slow progress because there are many vehicles on the roadways. There is a driving ban in place, yet people are continuing to ignore it and end up getting themselves stranded.

About 150 vehicles were abandoned on the Thruway, also known as I-90, and many vehicles were abandoned on roads throughout the Buffalo Metro area on Tuesday. Local emergency staff worked tirelessly to rescue stranded motorists from their vehicles using all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.

Even though the transportation personnel had cleared more than 5,000 tons of snow from the area of South Buffalo, a travel ban remained in effect for areas south of Buffalo. These travel bans remain in effect for South Buffalo, Erie County, and Orchard Park. Also, the American Red Cross has opened shelters to assist those in need throughout the areas impacted. About 200 people or more stayed overnight in the shelters.

The snow in these areas has been so heavy that it has caused roofs to collapse, and doors and windows to bust wide open. Because of this emergency, several state offices will be closed on Thursday, according to a press release from the Governor’s office. This also applies to many schools and businesses as well. Buffalo International Airport has experienced many canceled flights, even though the airport still remained open.

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