Schools and Universities Devastated by Hurricane Michael

Schools and Universities Devastated by Hurricane Michael

Many schools, universities and colleges are closing down ahead of Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael will be arriving in the southern US coast soon. Over 100 counties have received a state emergency alert. The hurricane is now a Category 3 hurricane and will arrive at any time on Wednesday evening. It is predicted to stall in between 4 – 12 inches of rain in the area.

Leon County Schools will be temporarily shutting down their schools from Tuesday to Friday. All the sporting activities and events scheduled to occur during this time frame will be canceled. Some of the universities and colleges closing down for the week until Sunday are Florida Sate University, Tallahassee Community College in Wakulla county and Tallahassee Community College in Gadsden county. They are closed starting on 12:01 am Tuesday night and will resume operation at 12 a.m. on next Monday, on October 15.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna of Florida State University told the press that they will look at the damages on the school building and make a decision whether they will reopen next week. They will make some adjustment to the grading requirement and the dates of the first nine week card after surveying the damage. Although there will be no class, the cafeteria, and on campus housing will continue to operate. Boxed meals and water will be provided to those who are staying in the on campus housing if power outages occur.

There will be no class at TCC Florida Public Safety Institute but it will be opened to help with the emergency management operation. The cafeteria and on house campus will remained opened for TCC Florida Public Safety Institute. Florida State University has opened up the building where the basketball team play as shelter to off campus students and faculty staff.

Many schools in southwest Georgia also announced they will be closed. Lee County School Systems, Dougherty County School Systems, and Worth County Schools will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Terrell County Schools is closed for the week and staff will only return to report on duty on 8 am Friday. Albany State University will also be closed starting at noon on Tuesday.

There will be no shuttle service on Wednesday and Thursday at Albany State University. All schools in Gulf District are closed for the week and will only reopen following Fall Break. In Okaloosa County, schools are closed for Tuesday and Wednesday. BPA Emerald Coast Campus will close its operation from Wednesday to Friday.

Other schools that will be closed are Calhoun County Schools, Holmes County Schools, Jackson County Schools, Walton County Schools, Washington County Schools, Bay District Schools, Gulf Coast School for Autism, The Baptist College of Florida, and Liberty County Schools.

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