Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

There is nothing wrong with chipped paint on your garage door. However, there are several signs that indicate a bigger problem. If you experience any of the following signs, your garage door needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Delay in Movement: You have been using your garage door long enough to know how fast it opens and closes. There should not be a delay in this movement. If you start to notice it is opening and closing slowly, this could be the early signs of a problem.

The Door is Shaking: Your garage door is not supposed to shake when it is opening and closing. This usually means there are parts inside the door that are broken. Keep an eye on the door and make sure it is moving smoothly.

Strange Sounds: You are probably used to the sounds your garage door makes when it is moving. If the noise is louder than usual, or it is excessive, this is another sign that your door needs to be replaced.

Bills Have Increased:
When the insulation of the door is damaged, you may notice an increase in your bills. This can also happen when the garage door is just old. Replacing your garage door is a great way to keep the home warm without increasing your utility bills.

The Door Has Come Off The Tracks: The door sliding off the track is a big sign of wear and tear. It needs to be on the track in order to work properly. If you notice any shaking, delays or loud noise, double-check to make sure it is on the tracks. When it does come off the tracks, you can have specific parts or the entire door replaced.

It Stops Moving: Does your garage door get stuck while it is trying to open and close? Maybe it has stopped moving altogether. This is a bad sign, as it may not open and close again until it has been repaired.

If you notice any of these signs, it is best to contact a professional repair company immediately. You do not want to wait until the problem turns into a safety hazard for your loved ones or belongings. The damaged insulation or the energy it must use to open and close could cause an increase in your bills.

You want to hire a repair company with a good reputation and certified staff. The time and money will be worth it when you are not worrying about your broken garage door.

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