Storm Damage From Hurricane Irma Could Exceed Hurricane Harvey

Storm Damage From Hurricane Irma Could Exceed Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma has just started to bring wreckage to the nearby islands and it is currently on its way to Florida. On the other hand, Harvey has just finished stalling 4 feet of rainfall in Texas and Louisiana. Initially, when Harvey arrives on Texas, it is a Category 4 storm but it keeps on downgrading day after day. Harvey has killed 60 people and it could cost the local government to spend at least $150 billion to carry out the restoration work.

Hurricane Irma is likely to cause an even more extensive damage than Hurricane Harvey. At the moment, it has broken the record as the most powerful hurricane to have hit the Atlantic ocean. The weather forecast agency claims that the storm is more than 800 miles wide and its wind is traveling at a speed of 185 miles per hour for 1 day or more.

Weather news agency claims that Hurricane Irma is becoming stronger and there is no sign that it is weakening at all. Hurricane Irma probably will not bring flood waters like what Hurricane Harvey has brought to Texas. But, when it arrives, its powerful wind will possibly cause a lot of damages. Irma’s strong wind could tear buildings to rubble, destroy the power line and fell trees.

In Puerto Rico, building wreckage can be seen all over after Hurricane Irma sweeps through. The authority of Puerto Rico predicts that the people will not have access to electricity for 6 months. The hurricane has swept through many Caribbean islands like Turks, Caicos, Saint Martin, Bahamas and Barbuda.

Saint Martin island is completely destroyed with the death toll count constantly increasing. Barbuda, a small island on the Caribbean lost more than 90% of its buildings. At least one death is recorded in Barbuda and more deaths have been recorded in other islands that it hit. Storm surges up to 20 feet has been reported in Turks and Caicos.

Even though forecasters have predicted that Irma is going to be more powerful than previous storms, there is no confirmation and everything is just a speculation. Irma is predicted to hit Florida on late Saturday. After that, it will head to the areas of South Florida where there is denser population. It is expected that the storm will cause storm surge of 5 – 10 feet in South Florida.

Storm surge warnings have been issued by the local authorities to residents in South Florida as well as Florida Keys. Many people are relying on the airlines to evacuate the area and this has caused many airlines to increase the number of flights. If you haven’t yet make plan to evacuate, you should do so now before the arrival of Hurricane Irma

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