Toxic Waste Sites Getting Prepared for Hurricane Florence

Toxic Waste Sites Getting Prepared for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence may cause heavy rain that will flood the pit that contain toxic waste and animal manure. If the pit gets flooded, the toxic waste water will flow into the water ways and contaminate the drinking water. It could also enter into the houses. One of the main economy of North Carolina is raising poultry and hogs so the area has a lot of manure pits. Hurricane Floyd is an example of a catastrophic hurricane that has caused flooding of the waste ponds in 1999.

The toxic water from the waste pond overrun into the waterways and cause a widespread contamination of the water throughout the state. In the end, state taxpayers have to close down 43 farms. In preparation for the hurricane, the members of North Carolina Pork Council has pumped down the water level of the lagoon. Farms located in low lying ground are moving their hogs to a safer place. Specialized disaster contractors were being consulted to help prepare for the impact of the storm and create the appropriate response for cleaning up the potential waste and flooding aftermath.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is carrying out assessments on 9 hazardous waste sites on the Carolina coast. Last year, Hurricane Harvey caused damages to 13 toxic waste sites that raises the health safety concern of the people. They have also prepared the nuclear power reactors for the hurricane.

Duke Energy plans on shutting down their 6 nuclear reactor sites a few hours before the arrival of the hurricane. Nuclear operators are also ensuring that the backup diesel generators are filled with sufficient fuel. They also take a walk around the site and tighten up loose equipment that may end up flying in the wind.

Duke Energy also owns more than two dozens of coal ash basins in North Carolina. The pit leaves gray ash after burning the coal. Some pits have been inundated before during Hurricane Matthew and Floyd in 2016. Duke Energy has already allocated staff to the coal ash disposal sites. These staff are to monitor the sites following the storm. They also prepare extra equipment to ensure the site in case any issue arise.

If the coal ash gets flooded, it can spill toxins like mercury, leads, and heavy metals into the river and waterway. In 2011, a powerful earthquake and tsunami cause radiation to be leaked from a nuclear plant in Fukushima. The incident has led all US nuclear plants to be upgraded to a better standard to withstand earthquake.

Almost everyone is busy making preparations for the hurricane as they await for it to arrive on the east code by Thursday night. More than 1 million residents are ordered to evacuate the state. The National Hurricane Center NHC said that the people should rush to make the necessary preparations to protect their houses, shops, pets and livestock as soon as possible before the hurricane arrive.

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