Was Bankrate The Internets First Loan Comparison Search Engine

Was Bankrate The Internets First Loan Comparison Search Engine

Bankrate is one of the first loan comparison search engine established with the aim of helping borrowers more conveniently compare loans on the internet. Bankrate.com website was founded in 1996 and now they have more than 15 millions visitors every month. It is relatively easy to use Bankrate to compare loans. When you are on the Bankrate homepage, you must first select what types of loans you would like to compare.

There are several types of loans that you can compare on Bankrate including mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards and personal loans. After you select the loan type, you will be redirected to the next pages where you have to answer questions like loan amount, loan purpose, zip code, address, residence type, estimate credit score, birthdate, employment status, telephone number and social security number (SSN). They will then check the database to see whether the information you enter match the credit on file before displaying the .

At Bankrate, you can compare loan offers from a large selection of lenders. Many reputable lenders can be found at Bankrate. The loan comparison search engine allows you to compare factors like interest rate, and monthly payment. The information on the search result is verified by Bankrate to ensure that it is accurate. Toll free phone number of the lender is also provided for your convenience if you would like to contact them and ask for more information on the loan.

The signup button is provided on each listing of the lender in the search result. Clicking it will redirect you to the form where you can get an estimate quote for the loan. With Bankrate, there is no limit on how many loan offers you can receive. You are free to apply as many loan as you want to get the estimate quote before deciding which one to sign up. You are not obliged to accept the loan offer that you receive.

Using Bankrate to perform comparison your loans can help you to save a lot of time because all the important information about the loan are already displayed neatly in the search result. If you were to do research yourself on the search engine, it is going to take a lot of time because you have to find out lots of information like whether the lender offers the loan product you are looking for, loan interest and fees, loan availability and etc.

With Bankrate, the process is cut short. You take a look at the search result and you know which one has the lending terms that you are most likely to afford and qualify. You can then fill in the loan request form and get an estimate quote.

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