Which Certifications Should You Review Before Hiring a Restoration Company

Which Certifications Should You Review Before Hiring a Restoration Company

Prior to hiring a restoration company, it is important that you check whether they have proper certifications. Holding adequate certifications show that they have undergone the proper training and are qualified to carry out the restoration services. Both the company and staff should hold the proper certifications.

There are many types of certifications for different types of restoration work. Some certifications require more knowledge and expertise to obtain it. Some restoration work are simple and don’t require any certification to complete the work. You can do some research online and find out what scopes are covered in the certifications that they list on their website.

When hiring a restoration services company, you want to ask what expertise area they are specialized. You should avoid a company that claim to be an expert in every area. If there is a situation outside of their expertise, the company should inform you on the qualified sources that they use to get it resolved.

Usually, the restoration company will become a member of a respected organization to get certified. Examples of accreditation organizations include the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), American Council for Accreditation Certification (ACAC), Indoor Air Quality Association and Restoration Industry Association (IAQA).

To become a member of the accreditation organization, one is required to attend a course that covers lessons on the different stages of various restoration works such as how to address backflows, drying processes, microbial remediation and etc. To complete the training, they must sit for a test and receive good result in order to pass it. You can ask the restoration company what type of training they undergo at the course.

Certifications are not guarantee that the company will provide high quality restoration services. However, if the restoration company offers good service, they will get many positive reviews and referrals. You can talk to people that hire the company before and ask them if the work is carried out satisfactorily. Besides certifications, the company must hold the proper license. Every state has different requirement for obtaining a property restoration license. The state may set a requirement for obtaining a license.

You can do research on the restoration company at the Better Business Bureau site. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) will provide information on the complaints of the past customers. It is best to hire a restoration company that has the good rating and no record of customer complaint at the BBB site.

It is important to look for a mold remediation company that provides an adequate insurance coverage. You should look for a company that is equipped with professional liability insurance instead of general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will protect you from any damage that arises from the errors carried out by the professional mold remediators.

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